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NORDMECCANICA EVENTS: Being Simple, Being Linear


NORDMECCANICA EVENTS: Being Simple, Being Linear

Dans l’attente du dernier épisode des Nordmeccanica Events, concernant le département de métallisation de Nordmeccanica, vous trouverez ici une courte vidéo du 4e épisode, diffusé en mai dernier.

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Si vous souhaitez voir l’ensemble des épisodes et obtenir de plus amples informations sur les dernières innovations Nordmeccanica en complexage et enduction, inscrivez-vous sur le site : nordmeccanica.oak-events.com

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Due to the rise in the global pandemic, Nordmeccanica is informing our customers that the travelling restriction policy implemented by our Corporate offices have been extended until the end of the month of October for those travels that are not essential for start-ups and service calls.
Consequently, we had to cancel the attendance at our booth for the Las Vegas Pack Expo.
We were hoping that Pack Expo would of have been the first show after the first wave of the pandemic.
Unfortunately, the unstable situation with the ongoing pandemic imposed the extension of the travel ban.

We do remain available to our customers at our usual contact points and wish for the possibility to meet face to face next Year at Chicago.

Giorgetti visits Nordmeccanica


Giorgetti visits Nordmeccanica

The Minister: “A company able to size the great opportunities of the ecological transition process”

The Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti visited the Nordmeccanica plant in Piacenza, an Italian company worldwide leader in the flexible and environmentally friendly packaging sector.

“Sustainability, but also genius, intuition, the ability to satisfy new ecological transition processes make the difference in the industry today. As far as the Italian companies are able to update and conceive products like the ones we admire today, we can be confident”, Giorgetti declared during the event to present the Nordmeccanica innovations, with satellite-connected customers from over sixty Countries.

Giorgetti in Nordmeccanica

“State must create the situations to seize these opportunities – added the Minister – The world will change in relations, in production factors, just see what’s happening with raw materials. We need willing and capable entrepreneurs and Govenrments able to regulate this process in order to proceed in the right direction. We can do it, we must do it, we will do it. We have to be optimistic.”




Here we are again with the episodes of the Nordmeccanica Events, the new format of Live Streaming Events created by Nordmeccanica to provide our customers with up-to-date information on our activities, new products and innovations.

Look forward for the next webinar that will be held on Tuesday 25 May 2021:
An insight into the evolution of innovation in coating and lamination technology.

As always, to to attend a registration is required: » Click here

If you are already registered, you can access the event on the Nordmeccanica Events website with the same credentials.
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Tempi Moderni: interview with Antonio and Vincenzo Cerciello


Tempi Moderni: interview with Antonio and Vincenzo Cerciello

The program Tempi Moderni of Swiss TV channel RSI, highlights the economic and bureaucratic situation of our country in the Covid Era. In particular, it takes as its model our city, Piacenza, and Nordmeccanica.
Below you will find the link to the website where you can watch the episode and the interview with Antonio and Vincenzo Cerciello:
> Watch the episode

Congratulations to Technipaq


Congratulations to Technipaq

We at Nordmeccanica are really proud to be part, through our hardware, of the success of our customers.
We are particularly proud and we like to compliment Technipaq for the achievements within a challenging industry as pharma packaging is. An industry that during these hard days serves all of us in our needs of hygiene and safety.

Nordmeccanica highlights: Future at a Glance


Nordmeccanica highlights: Future at a Glance

To conclude this year, we leave you with the highlights of the first 3 episodes of Nordmeccanica Events, the new format of events via web where we present our machines and the latest technologies of the packaging world signed Nordmeccanica.

- Highlights Ep. 1
- Highlights Ep. 2
- Highlights Ep. 3

To see the entire episodes, and to be able to see Live the next events that will take place in 2021, always via web, you can register at Nordmeccanica Events where, in addition to webinars, you will find other interesting information regarding both Nordmeccanica and our suppliers and partners.




Waiting for the 4th episode of the Nordmeccanica Events that will be hold on 2021, check out the highlights video for the Episode 3 regarding our metallizing department.

» Watch the video

If you want to see the entire episode, register on the website: » nordmeccanica.oak-events.com

There you will also find the episodes held on July and more information on Nordmeccanica innovations in coating, laminating and metallizing.

Future at a Glance


Future at a Glance

Waiting for the last episode that will take place in October, regarding the metallizing department of Nordmeccanica, here you will find a short video of what have been the last two appointments of July.

watch the video

If you want to see the entire episodes and have more information on the latest Nordmeccanica innovations in lamination and coating, register on the website: nordmeccanica.oak-events

Stay tuned!

Future at a Glance: Episode 2


Future at a Glance: Episode 2

On July 14th it will be streamed live the second episode: Future at a glance, within the new format “Nordmeccanica Events”.

Episode two focus on what Nordmeccanica intended to showcase at Drupa before the Dusseldorf show was postponed.
Nordmeccanica planned to present for the first time ever in the history at an industry show a Triplex lamination in a single pass, performed live. Consequently the entire show intended for Drupa will be enacted live to the benefit of our customers and friends on July 14th.

The event will present the patented Triplex SL One Shot.
The 3-ply laminator that made possible in total reliability to laminate a multi-ply structure in a single pass using exclusively Solvent Less adhesives. The program includes the demonstration of the Triplex One Shot running a 3-ply structure and in a second run the same machine will be presented in Duplex mode featuring the Dow Symbiex adhesive lamination.

It is the technology that combines innovative machine design and innovative adhesive chemistry to perform the quickest time to market for a two-ply lamination converted with solvent free adhesives. The show is completed with a demonstration run of solvent based adhesives running on the newly developed Super Combi 5000.

A section of the show will cover the latest in terms of barrier enhancement as influenced by the machinery manufacturer and a report of the latest achievements of our cooperation with Henkel in the BarrEnhanceTech Alliance. The event is powered by extremely advanced technologies that will bring to our guests, conveniently on their computers at home or work via satellite, those contents in a show style through the benefit of professional video and sound in a form of entertainment that will add to the experience. The format that was so much appreciated during episode 1.
Registration for the event is open at www.nordmeccanica.com.

Live Streaming Events


Live Streaming Events

Nordmeccanica is introducing a new format of Live Streaming Events.
The intention is to provide our customers with up to date information on our activities, new products, innovations.

The first event is scheduled for Tuesday July 7th and will be live from our Gariga plant. The place were our product line of compact laminator is manufactured. There are two shows scheduled for the day of the event: 9:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Europe, to serve our customer worldwide.

From the very place modern coating and lamination technology was born
A series of live events committed to showcase products, technologies and solutions.

To attend a registration is required: Please click here
Follow our new product demos while running actual jobs, check and analyze results, interact with the speakers, download technical information.

Announcing the latest release of World Mixer


Announcing the latest release of World Mixer

From the inventor of the gear pump technology for 2 components solvent less adhesives dispensers.
The new release is more compact with 40 liters reservoires, more integrated to the machine software, smaller in dimensions for optimization of space occupancy.
The new mixer, also available in the traditional 90 liters reservoires set up, is distributed through the Nordmeccanica sales network.

Nordmeccanica launches new solventless lamination solution for HP Indigo printed digital flexible packaging


Nordmeccanica launches new solventless lamination solution for HP Indigo printed digital flexible packaging

Super Simplex e800 Laminator optimized for HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press.

Nordmeccanica, a global market leader in coating and lamination technologies, today launched a new, solventless lamination solution designed especially for on-demand, flexible packaging production on HP Indigo digital presses.

Developed in collaboration with HP Indigo, the Super Simplex e800 Laminator is an innovative system optimized for the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press. The 800 mm wide Nordmeccanica Super Simplex e800 Laminator is a solventless laminator, offering innovation in energy consumption and waste, designed to answer the growing need for converters to deliver on-demand, flexible pouches and move toward a sustainable solution.

The new end-to-end HP Indigo Nordmeccanica system will be demonstrated at the HP Booth at Interpack 2020 and drupa 2020 in Dusseldorf.
“We are very pleased for being selected by HP Indigo as a technology partner to develop the growing flexible packaging market. Our joint effort will no doubt benefit our mutual customers. This collaboration has been key in creating a first-class solution that is both environmentally friendly and highly productive,” said Antonio Cerciello, President, Nordmeccanica.

The 762 mm (30 inch) HP Indigo 20000 can print on-demand virtually any sized flexible packaging application with unlimited variation and support demand for growing SKUs. The Nordmeccanica Super Simplex e800 Solventless technology offers unprecedented advantages in both productivity and profitability, thanks to lowered energy consumption with no emissions and requiring no drying system. The ability, through lamination, to protect the print and increase mechanical and chemical performances, improves the value of the finished package and widens the ability of converters to grow while serving their customers.

“This combined HP Indigo and Nordmeccanica solution broadens the HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory solution for flexible packaging enabling converters and brands to move toward on-demand, sustainable packaging solutions,” said Alon Bar-Shany, general manager, HP Indigo.
The new Nordmeccanica laminator is already operational at ePac Flexible Packaging, serving as the launch customer for the solution as it rapidly expands its on-demand packaging services globally.

Editorial Contact: Giancarlo Caimmi +39 0523 596411
Release: Immediate




K exhibition 2019 is just around the corner!

For this edition too, we are proud to announce that NORDMECCANICA SPA will be present with its stand, where our staff will be happy to welcome you to show our latest innovations in lamination and metallization.

We will also be available every day of the fair to explain in details the entire range of Nordmeccanica machinery and to support our visitors in anything they may need.

You will find us at:

We will be there waiting for you!

July 2019 - SAVE THE DATE


July 2019 - SAVE THE DATE

NORDMECCANICA VACUUM division announces its factory full.

During the whole month of JULY 2019, take the opportunity to book your visit with dedicated seminar handled by our experts and touch all the last trends in the metallizing field, such as:

- High Barrier metallization
- ALOx on PET and BOPP
- Pattern and register metallization

Together with our team, you will see our entire metallizer portfolio, going from NordMet to PowerMet passing by the NordMet Plus in different widths and for all the applications and substrates.

The factory tour will also include the visit at our Coating and Laminating plant.


For booking or informations, please send an email to:
vincenzi@nordmeccanica.com or sartori@nordmeccanica.com




Nordmeccanica today announces its appointment of Redfern Machinery as their new UK agent, bringing together Nordmeccanica’s reputation as global market leader in coating and laminating with Redfern’s longstanding experience selling machinery to companies across the UK and worldwide.

The partnership will allow Nordmeccanica to more widely connect with UK companies of all types and sizes, building on Redfern’s reputation for excellence, extensive network and engineering capabilities. The two companies will focus on raising the profile of Nordmeccanica’s coating and laminating excellence and metallizing innovations, which offer integrated solutions for multiple industry requirements, including food packaging, brand protection and security, photovoltaics and energy conservation. Formerly dealing only in used machinery this is Redfern’s first agency appointment, although the company has had numerous offers in the past.

Richard Redfern, Managing Director of Redfern Machinery, said: “We have never considered taking an agency before, however the opportunity to work with the world leader in coating and laminating was not one we wanted to miss. We are delighted to be representing Nordmeccanica, and look forward to bringing a fresh perspective and new value to UK customers. Our aim is to broker the best deals possible to ensure that UK companies have the best quality machines with which to compete in the global market.” Antonio Cerciello, President of Nordmeccanica, said: “We welcome Redfern into Nordmeccanica. This partnership is a great opportunity for us to connect more deeply with our UK customers and to better understand their needs.”

Redfern Machinery has been a specialist used machinery agent and broker in the converting and flexible packaging industry since 2000, dealing in coating and laminating machinery, metallizers, flexographic presses, slitter rewinders, bag machinery and more. The company is family owned, and known for its core values of integrity, calm, respect, reliability and approachability.

Nordmeccanica is the largest global manufacturer of coating and laminating and metallizing machinery, with an estimate 70% global market share and more than 3300 installations worldwide. Product range covers an extensive number of technologies from the very compact family of Simplex laminators to the top range of Full Automatic/High Performance coaters-laminators as well as metallizers for films and paper.

Luciano Baldin, Sales Area Manager Nordmeccanica
email: baldin@nordmeccanica.com, phone +39 0523 596411
Jos Redfern, Operations Director Redfern Machinery
email: accounts@redfernmachinery, phone +44 1204 300495

Industry is being digitised, and Piacenza is the crossroads of this innovation


Industry is being digitised, and Piacenza is the crossroads of this innovation

A journey through the capital of Italy's machine tools district to take stock of the digitisation of a strategic sector in the Italian economy. For the 17 April 2019 edition, Italy 4.0, the Class CNBC show hosted by Andrea Cabrini, left the studio for a visit to Piacenza, a city which has once again proved itself to be the crossroads of Italian machine tool manufacturing and mechanical engineering (you can view the episode at www.quattropuntozero.info/video)

With 115 companies employing over 2,000 people in the sector, Piacenza indeed boasts the highest concentration of machinery manufacturing companies in Italy. The area gives rise to innovations with a mix of expertise and a historical industrial presence which has made the town one of the major players in the industry 4.0 revolution. It is in Piacenza that Siemens’ TAC - Technical Application Centre - is located, putting enterprises in direct contact with new technology since 2011. The TAC was turned into a TV studio for a day to host a debate on the development of technologies in this sector.

The speakers were Giuliano Busetto, Head of Digital Industries, Siemens Italia’ new operational division for the digital industry, and president of Federazione Anie; the anagers of two of the area's most important companies - Vincenzo Cerciello, technical director of Nordmeccanica, and Saverio Gellini, managing director of Mandelli Sistemi; Sandro Salmoiraghi, president of Salmoiraghi and president of Federmacchine; and Michele Monno, Professor at the Polytechnic University of Milan's Department of Mechanical Engineering and director of MUSP, the Piacenza consortium specialised in machine tools and production systems.

Read the article

IMAGE TO PRINT - 20/21 March 2019


IMAGE TO PRINT - 20/21 March 2019

Printing Technology & Innovation Days for Flexible Packaging
Jakarta, Indonesia | 20/21 March 2019

The “Image-to-Print” roadshow set up by Janoschka, Nordmeccanica, Rossini,
Siegwerk and Windmöller & Hölscher had again invited the packaging market
to a further “Image-to-Print” event. The roadshow had its recent stop-over in
Jakarta on March 20/21. After 2011 this was the second conference for the
Indonesian emerging market.

The touring event, which has been running with huge success since 2009, is dedicated to
supporting local printers, brand owners and the finishing industry. The workshops provide an
insight into the best practices of gravure and flexographic printing and highlight global trends
in the packaging industry.

The workshop’s focal point is on the requirements and conditions of the local market. The
program focuses specifically on market developments, strategies and technical innovations
in printing inks and printing tools as well as printing and laminating machines for gravure and
flexographic applications.

Besides presentations and think tank discussions, the agenda of the two-days conference
offered the more than 200 guests a visit to PT. Siegwerk Indonesia, a leading worldwide
manufacturer of printing inks for packaging. The visit provided insights into the production
and development of printing ink solutions for sustainable packaging.

Successful brand management with sustainable colours was the topic of the additionally
provided workshop class „Print Color Management - Fingerprint & Profiling“. Siegwerk and
Janoschka experts gave a lecture on the most important asset of a brand, namely colour,
and its consistent printing and hence sustainable presentation - no matter on what
supermarket shelf in the world.

The symposium in Jakarta is the twentieth stop for the very successful Image-to-Print
roadshow, which has already visited Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, Dubai,
Mexico, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, China, South Africa
and India.

Nordmeccanica sera présente aux expositions suivantes:


Nordmeccanica sera présente aux expositions suivantes:

Fiere Nordmeccanica 2019




Nordmeccanica machinery and Novacote adhesives by COIM Group, together for an adhesive technology solution.

Piacenza, Italy, January 30th, 2019. Nordmeccanica and COIM Group joined forces in a cooperation targeted to the development of an adhesive technology suitable for high production and quality performance in the lamination of high barrier structures in flexible packaging. It is known that in Solvent Less lamination there are production speed limitations once converting barrier compounds. It is the case of metallized films, foil and polymers highly impermeable to oxygen and moisture.

The development of a technology that combines the benefit of a proper formulation as well as of a proper coating technique has been the inspiration of the cooperation between the two industry leaders. The outcome of the research and development project have been presented to the two EMEA sales networks at a meeting organized on January 30th at the research center of Nordmeccanica.

The outstanding optical and bond qualities achieved during the demonstration of the new technology have impressed all attendees. The new technology will be officially presented to the industry; all details will be released.

COIM is an Italian Group with more than 1 mil $ turnover. Since 1962 COIM Group has been developing and selling speciality chemical products for the manufacturing industry. COIM Group is present in 4 continents with more than 1.000 skilled employees in 5 manufacturing plants and 20 Sales Offices. COIM Group, under the brand Novacote®, produces and markets a wide range of Adhesives and Coatings for the flexible packaging market. More information can be found at www.coimgroup.com.

Nordmeccanica is the largest global manufacturer of Coating and Laminating and metallizing machinery with an estimate 70% global market share and more than 3300 installations worldwide. Product range covers an extensive number of technologies from the very compact family of Simplex laminators to the top range of Full Automatic/High Performances, coaters-laminators covering every commercial application (coating of: water based, solvent based, 100 % solids, Hot Melt, UV curable, EB curable, PSA, Heat Seals and more), as well as Metallizers for films and paper. Product range serves every need in coating, lamination and metallization of paper, films and foil for Flexible Packing; Industrial Products; Labels; Pharmaceutical and more.

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